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The Africa Center for Democracy and Socioeconomic Development (CDS Africa) is a think tank that recognizes the importance of democracy in Africa's growth and development.


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Our Work

The Rural Education and Ownership Initiative (REOI) aims to enhance learning opportunities for rural students by promoting continuous infrastructure investments, customized policy approaches, and community involvement in education. The Initiative comprises three elements, each with specific objectives to achieve lasting change.

The primary objective is to create awareness about education, essential in garnering support and resources for rural education. The second objective is to establish an after-school learning and resource center that will support pupils, teachers, and the community. The third objective is to advocate for policy adaptation, infrastructure development, and related education enhancement measures to ensure that rural students have equal and inclusive learning opportunities.

The REOI seeks to empower rural students to reach their full potential and bridge the gap between rural and urban education. The program intends to transform the lives of rural students and their communities by providing them access to quality education. The REOI initiative can potentially impact rural education's future significantly.

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Why volunteer with us?

Volunteering with CDS Africa offers personal and professional fulfilment.

We provide a great learning experience and impact opportunities for individuals to contribute towards deepening democracy and socio-economic development in Africa.


  • Must be able to read and write.


  • Volunteers are given the opportunity to learn relevant work skills.
  • Weekly / Monthly stipend.
  • Certificates will be awarded after at least three months of volunteering.
  • Depending on the avalaibility of vacancy, some volunteers can secure a job with CDS Africa.
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We are independent, diligent and result-oriented. Integrity and timeliness are the anchors of our work ethic. It enables us to build trust and confidence in our work and take measured risks to help our success.

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