Who we are

Africa Center for Democracy and Socio-economic Development, known as CDS Africa, is an independent think tank. We promote democracy as a vehicle for development in Africa.

We believe that the popular sovereignty, peace and stability that democracy engenders are imperative for sustainable development.

Our work recognizes democracy as a critical input for development and sees its advocacy as inherently linked to the pursuit of socio-economic growth. We generate and deliver ideas for policy reforms through innovative research, training, conferences and community engagements.

Our Mission

To become the lead advocacy platform for democracy and socio-economic development in Africa.

What we do

We lead research, advocacy and initiatives to advance democracy and policies to bring about socio-economic development.

How we do it

We deliver high-quality research, training and advocacy actions to promote democracy and stimulate, support or influence policy reforms to drive socioeconomic development. We pursue our goal inclusively through partnerships with institutions, CSOs, communities and citizens across the globe.