Rural Education Ownership Initiative

REOI is an advocacy initiative designed by the African Center for D...

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The REOI Goal

The goal of REOI is to advocate sustained infrastructure investments, tailored policy approaches, and community involvement to achieve better learning opportunities for rural pupils.

There are objectives linked directly to the three modules. They include:

  • Education awareness promotion.
  • Facilitate the establishment of an after-school learning and resource center to support pupils, teachers, and the community.
  • Advocate policy adaptation, infrastructure, and associated education improvement measures to ensure inclusive and equitable learning opportunities for rural pupils.
reoi stacked images
reoi stacked images

The Rationale for REOI

Rural basic schools and pupils are being left behind, and governments have not been deliberate with their observance of 36 2(d), which mandates balanced rural-urban development. Some of the symptoms of the poor state of rural schools can be traced to the growing number of street children, street vending or begging and head porterage (kaya ye).

Most children on the streets are migrants from rural communities to the cities searching for menial jobs instead of being in school. This is because Ghana’s growth in education has inadvertently created two worlds — the rural and non-rural school worlds.