CDS Africa condemns alleged patient abandonment and demands immediate investigation and action

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Administrator . Updated June 24, 2024

The Center for Democracy and Socioeconomic Development, CDS Africa, is appalled and outraged by the alleged inhumane act of abandonment by the Trauma and Specialist Hospital at Gomoa Ojobi, Winneba, in the Central Region, leading to the untimely demise of a patient in a "bush." This despicable incident is a grave violation of human rights and the ethical standards expected of medical professionals.

According to a recent media story, a patient on admission at the Trauma and Specialist Hospital in Winneba was allegedly abandoned in the bush at Gomoa Ojobi after her relatives failed to show up. It is reported that the hospital staff conveyed the patient in the hospital's ambulance and left her in a wheelchair at Ojobi, which she claimed to be her hometown where the patient was later found dead.

As a civil society organization committed to democracy, socioeconomic development, and the protection of human rights, CDS Africa strongly condemns this alleged act of gross negligence and abandonment. We demand immediate and decisive action to address this heinous incident.


Immediate Investigations and Suspension of Staff

CDS Africa supports the order issued by Health Minister, Bernard Okoe Boye for the Ghana Health Service to deliver a detailed report on the investigation into the supposed abandonment of the patient within 30 days.  We also applaud the Ghana Health Service for constituting an independent committee to probe into the incident. While we support the temporal suspension of the medical director of Winneba Trauma Hospital, CDS Africa is also calling for the suspension of all staff who were responsible for or attended to the deceased patient on the day of the incident. The police must be involved in the conduct of a thorough and impartial investigation to ascertain the facts and hold those responsible accountable.


Policy Implementation to Protect Patients

We demand that the Ministry of Health implements an effective policy ensuring that no patient is turned away from a hospital due to an inability to pay their medical bills or family visitation. Financial constraints and/or lack of identification of patient relatives should never be a barrier to accessing essential healthcare services, and no patient should ever be subjected to such inhumane treatment.


Parliamentary Oversight and Accountability

CDS Africa urges the parliamentary committee on health to summon the Minister of Health to answer pressing questions regarding this incident. The Minister must explain why this patient was treated so inhumanely and outline the actions being taken to prevent such occurrences in the future. This includes mandatory training and orientation for all medical personnel to treat patients with dignity and respect, recognizing them as whole human beings deserving of care and compassion.


Expressing Disgust and Urgency

CDS Africa expresses profound disgust and disappointment at the Trauma and Specialist Hospital at Gomoa Ojobi for this alleged act. Such behavior undermines public trust in our healthcare system and violates the fundamental principles of medical ethics and human decency. We stand in solidarity with the victim's family and the community in seeking justice and ensuring that such a tragedy never happens again.

The Center for Democracy and Socioeconomic Development, CDS Africa, will continue to monitor this situation closely and advocate for swift and appropriate action. We call on all stakeholders, including government agencies, civil society organizations, and the public, to join us in demanding accountability and reforms in our healthcare system.

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