Return to civilian rule… Who leads Burkina Faso….?

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The results of the closed-door meeting by the ECOWAS are that Burkina Faso must schedule as early as possible to return to civilian rule. The nation’s suspension from the regional body still holds. The military junta is instructed to release the deposed leader Roch Kabore with immediate effect and with no conditions; or the country attracts a more stringent sanction if it fails.

The question is how Burkina will return to civilian rule and who the leader becomes. Would Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba take off the military cap and don a civilian hat to become leader? That will be history repeating itself as in the Blaise Compaore experience which eventually turned the West African country upside down in 2014. Or Power will be handed back the deposed leader Roch Kabore? Or fresh elections will be organized?

What are the options and the processes? These have to be spelt out in clear terms and must be given timelines to be executed.

In any case, what are the citizens saying about this whole situation? Channels TV live, an online TV, carried an item where some citizens Burkina Faso said they were not interested in ECOWAS’ decisions. They have clearly lost faith in the ECOWAS institution. 

Peoples’ comments on the internet and social media suggests that ECOWAS has lost it completely or perhaps has never even had or exercised any power at all.

The extraordinary meeting of the ECOWAS heads of state over the political situations in BURKINA FASO, GUINEA AND MALI was attended by 8 presidents of member states while the others had their representatives in attendance.



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