Find Humane and Legal Ways to Deal with Buduburam

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The Buduburam Refugee Camp is to be demolished because, according to the Chiefs of Gomoa Fetteh and authorities, the camp has become a hideout for criminals and armed robbers, which threatens society.

But, Buduburam is now a settlement; it is no longer a refugee camp since it was decommissioned by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in 2010.

So, it has become a community, like any other community in Ghana, and we must treat it as a legitimate human settlement that must be policed and not demolished to fight crime. Thus, the claim that it has become a sanctuary for criminals and must be demolished is not sound on humanitarian grounds, and it is unlikely to succeed if implemented.

Instead, it would worsen the socio-economic drivers at the heart of the widespread criminal activities in the area. Authorities must explore humane and practical means to deal with the short-term criminal haven concerns and a long-term solution that accounts for the human rights of the residents.

Where do you stand? Should Buduburam be demolished?



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