Bawku Conflict: Let Peace Reign!

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CDS Africa

Administrator . Updated February 17, 2023

The Center for Democracy and Socio-economic Development (CDS) Africa has been following with keen interest in the protracted conflict in Bawku. As an institution which believes in democracy and the rule of law, we wish to take this opportunity to call on both factions, the Mamprusi and Kusasi ethnic groups, to cease all manner of hostilities.

CDS Africa is mindful that conflict has but only one outcome –  destruction of livelihood and in some cases loss of lives!

We believe that the recent enskinment of a new chief at the Nayiri Palace will only escalate the conflict. As stated by the Government in its official release on February 15, 2023, current developments in Bawku poses a threat to national security. We strongly admonish both sides to seek redress where necessary in the mandated state institutions and refrain from the use of violence or force. We encourage the Mamprusi and Kusasi factions to come to the negotiation table and find amicable means to resolve the conflict.

We further wish to implore all factions involved to resort to calm and cooperate with the security services. In particular, CDS Africa would like to use this opportunity to entreat the security services to ensure peace without resorting to excessive use of force.  

It is important to remember that peace is the lifeblood of the sustenance of the Bawku community, and we all as people must play our part to safeguard lives and properties.

God Bless Ghana!

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